Quote Information

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Below is a description of how quotes for a typical photo shoot are determined:

The biggest benefit to the client that we offer and is different to most other photographers is; that the client receives the full-time rights in perpetuity for all of the images unless contracted or agreed upon between the client and the photographer prior to the shoot for exclusivity to the rights to the photos. (Many other photographers license for a one-time use and then further costs are paid to the photographer in the future when the photos are to be licensed for additional uses.)

Each job is scouted whenever possible and then quoted ahead of time for shoot fees, handling fees and retouching fees. Once contracted, no additional costs will arise after the shoot and retouching have been completed. What the quote states is the final cost. NO hidden charges will occur! In most cases a 50% deposit is due and then the remaining balance is due upon delivery of the final images.

Digital Shoot Fee:

Each photo shoot has a two-hour minimum versus a half day or day rate to help keep costs down. Then each additional hour is broken down into fifteen minutes increments for a more effective fine-tuned quote.

Digital Transfer Fee:

Each photo shoot will have a digital handling fee of a one-hour minimum. This is for transferring the images from the digital cards into the computer for retouching, organizing or editing.

Retouching Fee:

There is a one-hour retouching fee for each photo shoot for commercial shoots and a five-hour minimum retouching fee for architectural shoots.

Mileage Charges if applicable:

Mileage costs are charged with the current mileage rate allowed by the US Government for any distance over 60 miles from the Long Beach, California home office.

What each client receives:

All of the final images are sized in four sizes for easy handling for different outputs such as large prints, PDFs and emails.

Two sets of discs are included within the fee of the shoot. A set of thumbnail prints with file names for easy navigation and a description of each file type and size provided for the best output or use of the images is also provided. Each disc has a color label and the case for the disc is printed with a four color sleeve.

A film shoot quote may be provided if desired!