Megamouth Shark

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The Megamouth Shark, Megachasma pelagios, is one of the rarest sea creatures known to man. These sharks were first discovered in 1976 in Hawaii and since then only a handful have been encountered. The particular shark pictured above is known as Megamouth #6 as he was the sixth encountered and what is astonishing is that he was the first Megamouth ever to be photographed, filmed and studied in the wild.

This particular shark is a male measuring sixteen feet-one inch in length and weighing an estimated 1700 pounds. His girth was that of an oil drum and his mouth was big enough to swallow an adult human in one gulp. Although he has the ability to swallow such huge food, he resorts to surviving on small shrimp smaller than the size of a cashew.

These sharks are now known to swim in deep water (over 700 feet), during daylight hours and come very near to the surface in the darkness all while following the day and night pattern of migration that his favorite food travels.

I was personally responsible for measuring this animal along with photographing and video taping him and I also got to carefully take tissue samples for research and then I attached harmless transmitters so that he could be tracked constantly.

I was also the one personally responsible for releasing the animal from his loosely fit tether and sending him back into his world so that scientists could track him for almost three days where it was discovered where he went and that he had recovered 100 percent from his three days of contact with humans!

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